Scent Index

All fragrances are vegan, except as noted.

Holiday 2023:

  • Cider Barrels - Spiked apple cider, oak barrels, & blonde cedarwood. (Bath/Body only)
  • Winter Wonderland - Sparkling ginger aldehydes, spiced peppermint tea, vanilla orchid, & sugar musk. (Bath/Body only)
  • Yule Log - Sweet English lavender, pine boughs, & a crackling Yule log in the fireplace. (Bath/Body only)

New Moon Series 2023:

  • Oak Moon (Dec) - Brandy, oakwood, chestnuts, galbanum, golden vanilla, & holly leaves.
  • Beaver Moon (Nov) - Vegan castoreum accord, vanilla bean tincture, smoked resins, worn leather, dried fruits, guaiacwood, & brown fur musk.
  • Hunter's Moon (Oct) - An ode to Diana, lunar goddess of the Hunt: Moonflower, tonka bean, honeyed amber, sandalwood, tolu balsam, oud, & rich golden spice.
  • Harvest Moon (Sep) - Ripe blackberries and raspberries, boozy davana, toffee, smoked sea salt, red pine & cocoa ganache.
  • Blue Moon (Aug) - Poolside aquatic with notes of white leather, jasmine, iso E Super, & blue musk.
  • Summer Moon (July) - Golden sugar, salty sun-touched skin, tonka bean, & velvety ambergris.
  • Rose Moon (June) - Charred cedar, bonfires, marshmallow and a single long-stem red rose.
  • Strawberry Moon (May) - Strawberry ice cream, tea roses, & orris-infused honey musk.
  • Milk Moon (April) - Coconut milk, creamy white florals, a hint of peach & velvety white musk.
  • Grass Moon (March) - Fresh-cut grass, chilled fruit salad, tulip, clover, night-blooming phlox, pale-green curls of new spring ivy growth & honeyed musk.
  • Death Moon (February)Bergamot, artemesia, pink pepper, Brazilian rosewood accord, Damask rose, styrax resin, opoponax, white patchouli & silken musk.
  • New Snow Moon (January) - Frozen vanilla, silvered amber, frosted evergreen tips, the dormant promise of spring beneath a blanket of snow & a hint of worn leather.

Fall Part Two - October 2023:

  • Bring Me the Axe! - Freshly chopped-down orange trees, metallic iron axe, nocturnal primrose, torn up garden soil, & vintage musk. (Inspired by Mommie Dearest, starring Faye Dunaway as a heavily-fictionalized Joan Crawford.)
  • I've Written A Letter to Daddy - Pancake makeup, faded sheet music, warm footlights, sweet Rose de mai, violet, California redwood, vetiver, oakmoss, & a crumbling façade of former stardom. (Inspired by Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, starring Bette Davis as Baby Jane Hudson, along with the real Joan Crawford as Jane's older sister, Blanche.)
  • Ready for My Close-Up - Gin, a stuffy drawing room, long-stemmed red roses, black lilies, orris butter, & ambrette. (Inspired by Sunset Boulevard, starring Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond.)
  • A Menacing Misfit - Tea olive, peach, Chambord liqueur, creamy sandalwood, & suede.
  • Curse of Blackwood Manor - Cured golden tobacco, velvety rose, Calla lily accord, mahogany, merlot, vintage chypre, & smoked toffee.
  • Reliquary - Precious resin incense burning in an ancient cathedral: frankincense, styrax, opoponax, myrrh and benzoin; snuffed-out candles, & warm polished woodwork.
  • Terra Incognita - Cetalox & soil.
  • The Chased & Unchaste - Zingy pumpkin spice, smooth amaretto, hazelnuts, vanilla orchid, tawny musk, & aged agarwood.
  • The Gilded Cage - Bananas Foster, French vanilla, golden amber, & sandalwood musk
  • Whispers in the Forest - Spruce, juniper, fir, pine, pumpkin spice latte, & sinister ebony musk.

(This is an annually-evolving fragrance, with a new version debuting each year, usually in Fall.)

  • Harvest Home - Honeycrisp apple, allspice, nutmeg, pumpkin puree, & warm amber musk. (Bath/Body only)
  • Pumpkin Pie - Whipped cream, pumpkin custard, spices and warm pie crust. (Bath/Body only)
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte - Espresso, steamed milk, pumpkin puree, spices. (Bath/Body only)

Fall Part One - September 2023:

  • A Woodland Walk - Things always start out so innocently… Hemlock, black spruce, woodland musk, oud & a chunky cableknit sweater.
  • Fiend in the Furrows - Red apple, nutmeg, red musk, fresh vanilla bean pods, spiced toffee & burnt sugar.
  • Ghost in the Stones - Moss-covered ring of standing stones, dark patchouli & eldritch black musk.
  • Our Days Bewitched - Walnuts, brandy, roasted cocoa beans, copal, cardamom, labdanum, black vanilla, & aged oak barrels.
  • The Old Gods Survive - Cherry pipe tobacco, golden amber, aged leather, oakmoss & old cedar chests.
  • Won't Bring Back Your Apples - "Don't you see that killing me is not going to bring back your apples?" Juicy apples, peaches and cream, lavender, neroli, bee pollen (vegan accord), burning straw & a giant wicker effigy.
  • Bedsheet Ghost - Crisp freshly-ironed white sheets & a pumpkin pail full of Halloween candy, over a haunted honey musk base.
  • El Baile de los Muertos - Horchata, marigolds, cane sugar, coffee, golden vanilla, katsura leaves & lacquered oak. (Note: Visible separation is due to the presence of all-natural cocoa absolute. Shake before use for fullest scent profile.)
  • Spectral Bride - White amber, caramel, smoked vanilla, & blonde woods.
  • The Devil's Due - Ginger tea, heliotrope, amaretto, Turkish coffee, & tolu balsam.
  • Witching Night - Crunchy fallen maple leaves, blackstrap molasses, golden yuzu zest, Iso E Super, tonka bean, salted pralines, green patchouli & black alderwood musk.

Limited Editions and Seasonal Releases:

  • Luna Violacea OUT OF STOCK - Violet, green tea, clary sage, rose geranium, evergreen boughs, white patchouli, vetiver and sweet amber musk. An inadvertent creation when a batching error of An Accidental Interloper added a lovely, diffusive violet note to the mix.

Spring/Summer 2023:

  • Corridor of Whispers - Neroli, vanilla orchid, tonka bean, dark patchouli, sandalwood, & sheer golden amber.
  • Eigengrau - German term for 'intrinsic grey' referring to the off-black dark grey seen by the eyes in perfect darkness. Eigengrau is a neutral yet multi-faceted skin scent with a Cetalox base, featuring additional tones of ambergris, old wood, and faintly sweet musky-amber.
  • Ghostwood Forest - Cherry pie from the Double-R Diner, Douglas fir, fresh Pacific NW forest air, cozy sweaters, & coffee as "black as midnight on a moonless night."
  • Jack With One Eye - Apricot, tuberose, jasmine, orris, lacquered wood, red lipstick, suede, & musk.
  • Out of the Crypt - Dirt single note
  • The Delicate Vice - English lavender, a touch of forest air, vanilla, and sweet ambery skin musk.
  • This Is Your Shiny Gold Shovel - Pina colada, green banana, tiare blossom, tropical sandalwood, & golden amber.

Lemonade Stand 2023:

Permanent Collection:

  • All Your Lovely Words - Dried ginger root, zesty elemi, chai spices, split cedar logs, Siberian iris bulbs, Peru balsam & radiant rosewood amber.
  • An Accidental Interloper - Green tea, clary sage, rose geranium, evergreen boughs, white patchouli, vetiver and sweet amber musk. (Formerly known as Prototype 27.)
  • And to All A Good Night - Sugary and gently-spiced holiday cookies fresh from the oven and drizzled with caramel, creamy egg nog spiked with coffee liqueur and sprinkled with a dash of nutmeg and cardamom, & the smooth, pale, aged wood of a well-loved rolling pin.
  • Après-ski - Hot buttered rum by the fireplace, golden amber, blonde wood and the warm glow of 'gemütlichkeit'. (Non-vegan, contains butter CO2)
  • Autumn Morning - Warm mug of hot chocolate, bowl of slightly spiced oatmeal, bouquet of carnations, and a cozy blanket on your lap.
  • Bewitching Amber - A darker take on classic amber with labdanum, non-gourmand vanilla, woody vetiver, pine bark, cardamom & sandalwood musk.
  • Boreal - A dark, green forest scent featuring artemesia, juniper, Douglas fir needles, black spruce, and woodland musk.
  • Cathedral of Trees - Crisp cold air, cedar tips, pine boughs, towering fir and spruce, snow-strewn forest floor, & smoke-less sacred resins of frankincense and myrrh.
  • Come to the Circus - Apricot tea, saddle leather, violet pastilles, red musk & white amber.
  • Diabolik - Black licorice, frankincense Papyrifera, lightly singed lemonwood, sweet benzoin & onyx musk.
  • Drunken Jack - Oak barrels, spiced whiskey, pumpkin, and vanilla sugar.
  • Eagle Hill Cemetery - An ivy-covered mausoleum, old paving stones, cool damp soil, a creaky iron gate, faded  bouquets, & the spark of a match freshly-lit to see your way.
  • Embrace - A kindly kitchen witch invites you in from the cold, feeds you pumpkin shortbread with butter, apricot preserves, and brown sugar & then sends you safely on your way. (Non-vegan, contains butter CO2)
  • Ensnare - Deep in the dark woods, a witch lures you inside with the promise of maple sugar sweets, then locks the door behind, trapping you inside her lair. Rich dark oud, labdanum, maple, and a line of black salt along the windowsill.
  • Et in Arcadia - Cardamom pods, walnut husks, warm oakwood, dragonsblood resin, smooth tobacco & aged patchouli.
  • First Date - Glassy cherry-orange lip gloss, a sprinkle of cocoa powder over a vanilla milkshake, & a hint of softly-sweet, clean skin musk.
  • Fortune Favors - Apple peels, poached red Bartlett pears, black cherry cider, vanilla caramels & smoked applewood musk.
  • Hall of Mirrors - Pistachio gelato, buzzy neon, plastic Halloween masks, crushed hay, hot iron, cream soda spilled onto uneven floorboards and worn leather boots.
  • Hallowed Ground - Rich soil, damp air, slowly decaying wood, black honey, dark chocolate, soft moss, and a thread of precious resin incense smoke.
  • Harvest Cakes - Cinnamon sugar crumble over moist yellow cake.
  • Haunted Hills - Juicy red apples, creamy caramel, wicked dark musk, black pepper, vetiver, and a sprinkle of baking spices.
  • Hauntology - Ozone, olibanum, the air in a closed up kitchen cupboard that might once have held raisins and dried apricots, ambergris, burled briarwood, & the lost futures of a home abandoned. (Ambergris accord is a vegan reconstruction.)
  • House on Widows Hill - Brandy as plummy as Roger Collins' accent, old oak paneling, dusty thick carpets, a thread of incense & a roaring fire in the hearth.
  • Ignis - Raspberries, fresh ginger, smoky aloeswood, pale blond tobacco leaves & fiery red musk.
  • Mark of the Moon - Golden champaka, sweet spices, Peruvian myrrh, white copal, patchouli, & tonka bean.
  • Moon Dust - An oversized pink cosmetic powder puff, soft orchids, angora cardigans, blonde tobacco, oakmoss, blushing vanilla & vintage nitro-style musk. (Formerly known as Prototype 16)
  • Night Shift - Black frankincense, engine grease from a long late shift, smoke, ash, blackened wood, and a hint of leather. Good on its own or for layering.
  • Playing Hooky - Bubblegum, cardamom, dried fruit, cherry Kool-Aid powder, dead leaves, & amber woods. (Formerly known as Prototype 33)
  • Portrait of Josette - Ethereal white amber, dry wood of a long-abandoned seaside house, a hint of orris, and the lingering memory of jasmine perfume.
  • Sanctuary - Bright pink pepper and sage over sweet orange, resinous incense, polished cedar, grounded vetiver, and freshly steeped green tea leaves.
  • Sonnet X - Black vanilla, white amber, and a single snowdrop pressed between the pages of an old album.
  • South Star - Sweet creamy peach, vanilla beans, liatrix, & a woody-ambrette accord, all topped off with a hint of cinnamon.
  • Still Life - Emerging into light from the shadows of an oil painting, so realistic you can almost taste them, lie juicy pears, tart apricots, peeled mandarins, a jar of blackcurrant jam, & a basket of sweet, fluffy pastries.
  • The Phantom Room - Cherry tobacco, honeyed almonds, red currants, cocoa butter, & vanilla balsam.
  • The Widow in White - Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, orange blossom, sandalwood and vanilla.
  • Toasted Marshmallow - Sweet, gooey marshmallow with just a touch of caramel and woody smoke.
  • When What to My Wondering Eyes - Peppermint candy stick swirled into a rich dark chocolate mocha, jazzed up with a festive holiday splash of Irish cream.
  • Wicked Fascinations - Melting blood orange creamsicle, marjoram, dry tobacco, plaster, sunbleached wood benches, & ambrette.

The Archives (discontinued, sold out, and retired scents):

  • Beltane Fires - Hawthorn blossom, smoked vanilla, cedar, salt. (Seasonal Limited Release - recurring annually in spring)
  • Long Winter's Nap - Sweet dreams of candied citrus, a touch of sparkling ginger aldehydes, smooth herbaceous lavender, and a gently-honeyed sweet skin musk with a hint of beeswax. (Discontinued due to material unavailability)
  • Love At First Bite - Warm, whipped cream-topped pumpkin pie & smoked lavender. (Gift With Purchase exclusive release - Oct 13-15, 2023)
  • Lughnasadh Fires - Juicy apples, red currants, Lammas loaves, marigold, oakwood, smoked vanilla. (Seasonal Limited Release, recurring annually in summer)
  • Samhain Fires - Frankincense, Sichuan pepper, cypress, blonde tobacco, grey musk, cade & bonfire-smoked vanilla. (Seasonal Limited Release - recurring annually in autumn)
  • That First Fall Day - Wet leaves, concrete, autumn rain, cozy musk & the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. (Gift With Purchase exclusive release - Sep 21-23, 2023)