BACKORDERED 'The Library' Sample Set

BACKORDERED 'The Library' Sample Set

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Wanting to try out PULP's fragrances and not sure where to start? The Library contains a broad range of selections from the seasonal "In Circulation" collection and from the "Permanent Collection" offerings, all in one convenient sample set!

NOTE: Some scents are currently backordered, which will delay fulfillment of The Library sample set for an additional 1-3 weeks beyond normal Turn-Around Time.

Ships free to Canada and contiguous US with tracking included.

The Library perfume oil sample set currently includes the following 27 samples:

  • (Backordered)¬†All Your Lovely Words
  • Apr√®s-ski
  • (Backordered)¬†Autumn Morning
  • Bewitching Amber
  • (Backordered)¬†Cathedral of Trees
  • Diabolik
  • Eagle Hill Cemetery
  • (Backordered)¬†Embrace
  • (Backordered)¬†Ensnare
  • (Backordered) Et in Arcadia
  • First Date
  • Fortune Favors
  • Hall of Mirrors
  • Hallowed Ground
  • Haunted Hills
  • House on Widows Hill
  • (Backordered)¬†Ignis
  • Luna Violacea
  • Mark of the Moon
  • Night Shift
  • Portrait of Josette
  • Sonnet X
  • South Star
  • Still Life
  • The Widow in White
  • When What to My Wondering Eyes
  • Women in Dresses Running From Houses 2021

For full descriptions, see Scent Index.

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