Backordered Fragrances

Backordered Fragrances

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Looking for perfume oils that are currently out-of-stock? Use this listing to pick up the sizes and scent selections of choice! 

Please note: adding backordered items to an order will delay shipping of the entire order until the backordered items return to stock. If you want your other items to ship sooner, it's best to order them separately. Normal Turn-Around Times do not apply to items with backorder items. These will typically ship within 1-3 weeks.

Current Backordered Fragrances:

  • All Your Lovely Words
  • An Accidental Interloper
  • Autumn Morning
  • Cathedral of Trees
  • Embrace
  • Ensnare
  • Et in Arcadia
  • Ignis
  • Sanctuary
  • Sonnet X
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