10-Piece Customizable Sample Set - Choose Your Own Ten Perfume Oil Samples

10-Piece Customizable Sample Set - Choose Your Own Ten Perfume Oil Samples

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Choose 10 scents using the dropdowns above for a collection curated by you!

Note: Backordered fragrances can be added to your sample sets. Adding these options will delay turnaround time of the order by an additional 1-3 weeks. If you want other items to ship sooner, they will need to be ordered separately.

All perfumes are vegan except Embrace containing Butter CO2.

In Circulation - currently-available seasonal and limited editions:

  • BACKORDERED An Accidental Interloper¬†- Green tea, clary sage, rose geranium, evergreen boughs, white patchouli, vetiver and sweet amber musk. (Formerly known as Prototype 27)
  • And to All A Good Night¬†- Sugary and gently-spiced holiday cookies fresh from the oven and drizzled with caramel, creamy egg nog spiked with coffee liqueur and sprinkled with a dash of nutmeg and cardamom, & the smooth, pale, aged wood of a well-loved rolling pin.¬†(Contains traces of cinnamon and clove.)
  • Apr√®s-Ski¬†- Hot buttered rum by the fireplace, golden amber, blonde wood and the warm glow of¬†'gem√ľtlichkeit'. (Note: this was slightly reformulated in 2022 due to a¬†component being discontinued -- it is very close to last year's version.)
  • BACKORDERED¬†Et in Arcadia¬†-¬†Cardamom pods, walnut husks, warm oakwood, dragonsblood resin, smooth tobacco & aged patchouli.
  • First Date¬†- Glassy cherry-orange lip gloss, a sprinkle of cocoa powder over a vanilla milkshake, & a hint of softly-sweet, clean skin musk.
  • Haunted Hills¬†- Juicy red apples, creamy caramel, wicked dark musk, black pepper, vetiver, and a sprinkle of baking spice. (Contains cinnamon & clove.)
  • Luna Violacea¬†- Violet, green tea, clary sage, rose geranium, evergreen boughs, white patchouli, vetiver and sweet amber musk. An inadvertent creation when a batching error of An Accidental Interloper, adding a lovely, diffusive violet note to the mix.
  • BACKORDERED¬†Sanctuary¬†- Bright pink pepper and sage over sweet orange, resinous incense, polished cedar, grounded vetiver, and freshly steeped green tea leaves.
  • When What to My Wondering Eyes¬†- Peppermint candy stick swirled into a rich dark chocolate mocha, jazzed up with a festive splash of Irish cream.
  • Women in Dresses Running From Houses 2021¬†- This year's version is smokier and sweeter: Caramelized sugar, a roaring bonfire, heliotrope, aged patchouli, and a hint of violet.¬†(This is an annually-evolving fragrance, with a new version debuting every year with the Fall release.)

Permanent Collection:

  • BACKORDERED¬†All Your Lovely Words¬†- Dried ginger root, zesty elemi, chai spices, split cedar logs, Siberian iris bulbs, Peru balsam & radiant rosewood amber.¬†(Contains cinnamon & clove.)
  • BACKORDERED¬†Autumn Morning - Warm mug of hot chocolate, bowl of slightly spiced oatmeal, bouquet of carnations, and a cosy blanket on your lap. (Contains cinnamon & clove.)
  • Bewitching Amber - A darker take on classic amber with labdanum, non-gourmand vanilla, woody vetiver, pine bark, cardamom & sandalwood musk.
  • BACKORDERED¬†Cathedral of Trees - Crisp cold air, cedar tips, pine boughs, towering fir and spruce, snow-strewn forest floor, & smoke-less sacred resins of frankincense and myrrh.
  • Diabolik¬†- Black licorice, frankincense Papyrifera, lightly singed lemonwood, sweet benzoin & onyx musk.
  • Eagle Hill Cemetery - An ivy-covered mausoleum, old paving stones, cool damp soil, a creaky iron gate, faded¬† bouquets, & the spark of a match freshly-lit to see your way.
  • BACKORDERED¬†Embrace - A kindly kitchen witch invites you in from the cold, feeds you pumpkin shortbread with butter, apricot preserves, and brown sugar & then sends you safely on your way. (Non-vegan butter CO2 & contains cinnamon.)
  • BACKORDERED¬†Ensnare - Embrace's darker sister at the other end of the woods, who lures you in with the promise of maple sugar sweets then latches the door behind you. Rich dark oud, labdanum, and a line of salt at the door.
  • Fortune Favors¬†- Apple peels, poached red Bartlett pears, black cherry cider, vanilla caramels & smoked applewood musk.¬†(contains cinnamon)
  • Hall of Mirrors¬†- Pistachio gelato, buzzy neon, plastic Halloween masks, crushed hay, hot iron, cream soda spilled onto uneven floorboards and worn leather boots.
  • Hallowed Ground¬†- Rich soil, damp air, slowly decaying wood, black honey, dark chocolate, soft moss, and a thread of precious resin incense smoke.
  • House on Widows Hill¬†-¬†Brandy as plummy as Roger's accent, old oak paneling, dusty thick carpets, a thread of incense & a roaring fire in the hearth.
  • BACKORDERED¬†Ignis¬†- Raspberries, fresh ginger, smoky aloeswood, pale blond tobacco leaves¬†& fiery¬†red musk.
  • Night Shift - Black frankincense, engine grease from a long late shift, smoke, ash, blackened wood, and a hint of leather.
  • Portrait of Josette¬†- Ethereal white amber, dry wood of a long-abandoned seaside house, a hint of orris, and the lingering memory of jasmine perfume.
  • Sonnet X - Black vanilla, white amber, and a single snowdrop pressed between the pages of an old album.
  • South Star - Sweet creamy peach, vanilla beans, liatrix, & a woody-ambrette accord, all topped off with a hint of cinnamon. (Contains cinnamon.)
  • Still Life - Emerging into light from the shadows of an oil painting, so realistic you can almost taste them, lie juicy pears, tart apricots, peeled mandarins, a jar of blackcurrant jam, & a basket of sweet, fluffy pastries.

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